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Takeaway: Prostate milking can be beneficial to both pleasure and health. The prostate has the potential to be a source of great pleasure for partnered or solo play. So what, exactly is prostate milking? And how can you give this a try? Here's your ultimate guide. Prostate milking simply refers to prostate massage. It gets its name because the goal here may be orgasm - and ejaculation. The name may also come from the fact that the prostate gland is responsible for producing a milky seminal fluid that makes up a portion of ejaculate. It is alkaline and is designed to help sperm survive in the acidic environment of the vagina. The prostate gland surrounds the base of the urethra and is found below the bladder but above the rectum.
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So, What is Prostate Milking, Anyway?

Lots of guys get squirmy when the topic of prostate play comes up. I totally understand. Once upon a time, I felt that way too. Then, one fine day, something happened that changed everything. A day that will live in infamy. I experienced the orgasm of all orgasms. A series of moments so intense, it redefined the meaning of getting off. Now you can be a master masturbator too…. I use the terms massage and milking interchangeably. For the purposes of this post, they are one and the same.
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Preparation & Cleaning

Prostate massage is a self-help technique that may benefit prostate health but one that few men actually consider or feel comfortable performing. Although some people will tell you that it helps "clear toxins" from the prostate, the aim of the massage is to stimulate the prostatic ducts to release excess seminal fluid the fluid that mixes with sperm to create semen. There are few studies that strongly support the use of prostate massage for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia BPH or other prostatic conditions. Prostate massage can also be used as a form of sexual stimulation, either performed on oneself or by a partner. The prostate is a gland about the size and shape of a walnut, located between the bladder and the root of the penis. The urethra the tube through which urine and semen leave the body runs through the center of the prostate. The fluid not only helps transport sperm into the vagina but also counteracts the acidity of the vagina so that mature sperm spermatozoa can survive. During ejaculation , the prostate squeezes seminal fluid into the urethra via the porous prostatic ducts. The prostate will begin to grow as men age. Among men in their 60s, 70s, and beyond, the prostate can sometimes grow to the size of a plum or even larger.
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Prostate - January 09, Prostate orgasms are quite difficult to have. Some men massage and milk their prostates for years without ever having an orgasm. These might not be necessary for some people, but for others they can make the difference between a simple prostate massage, and a mind blowing orgasm.

Its primary function is to produce liquid which helps men have healthy sperm , and contains some muscles which help with ejaculation.

Due to its role in ejaculation, stimulating the prostate can be quite a pleasurable experience for some men. When stimulating your prostate for sexual pleasure, you can produce some of the most intense and body shaking orgasms that a man can possibly have, as well as some pretty impressive ejaculations.

The first part of any prostate stimulation is needing to simply find where the gland is in your body. The prostate is around two to four inches inside the male rectum, and sits just below the bladder.

All men are different, so how far inside you it is will be very personal to you. The easiest way to find it is internally, which means putting a finger in your butt. You usually will only need to put the first two joints inside to reach your prostate. It is incredibly important to stay relaxed while exploring any kind of anal activity.

Not only does it help you to enjoy the process more, it will make it a lot easier. When you are tenser, the muscles in the area also become tenser, so it will be more difficult to insert anything. Some people like to use music, candles and specific lighting, breathing exercises, or just simply making sure that they are home alone and able to focus fully on the process with no distractions.

Unlike the vagina, the anus does not self-lubricate. Begin by applying lube to the area around your anus and on your finger. You can start to relax your anus by giving it a small massage. It can feel quite nice to treat it a little like a doorbell. Gently press on the anus with the pad of your finger and then release the pressure. After a little while, the muscles should begin to open, and allow your finger to move inside the opening. It might feel like you are having, or need to have a poo. This is totally normal and should pass after a while.

When you feel comfortable enough to continue, it is a good idea to use more lube. Usually when you insert things into your anus , the muscles stop the lube from actually getting inside. You want to make sure that the internal part of your anus is also well lubricated. If you find yourself having difficulty actually getting lube into your butt, there are many syringes on the market which are specifically designed to help with this.

It is usually walnut shaped, and should feel different on your fingers to the other areas of your butt. It might not feel nice as soon as you find it. Some people might not even be able to feel any difference at all. Another tip when searching for your prostate is to try to arouse yourself before you begin, and during the process.

Much like areas of the female vagina, the prostate grows from increased blood flow during arousal. The more aroused you are the larger and harder it gets, making it much easier to find. Unfortunately for some of us, our fingers just aren't long enough to effectively reach the right area. If this is the case for you, the best thing you can do is look into getting a prostate massage toy , or asking someone else for help. While it might be a little more difficult to achieve the same feelings externally, it is possible to give your prostate some love by stimulating your perineum.

This is the fleshy area between your testicles and your anus. By simply giving a massage to the area , the internal tissue around the area which is attached to your prostate will help stimulate the gland.

Some people like to feel constant pressure on it, leading to very strong erections and ejaculations. Others prefer a gentle stroking or massage action, or maybe even some vibration. The most important part of stimulating your prostate is to try and stay as relaxed as you can.

There are many different positions you can adopt while stimulating your prostate so feel free to experiment! The first phase of your prostate massage, is arguably the most important if you wish to achieve orgasm.

Some men like to follow a specific ritual or guideline while preparing for their session. This is most often just the order you do things in, but can involve things like long baths, lighting scented candles and maybe even massaging themselves with some relaxing oils before they start.

There are a few common things that all men should do before they start a session of prostate play though. Different men will say different things, but the average seems to be a trip to the toilet around an hour before you begin. The next step all men tend to take is taking a shower.

You want to pay extra attention to your anus and make sure it is sparkling clean. Depending on your experience with anal activity, you might also want to begin gently inserting your finger into your anus. Not only will this make sure the immediate area inside is clean, but you can start to get yourself a little turned on with some gentle massaging of the area. When you get in the mood, blood flow to the area increases and the prostate begins to swell up.

This makes it easier to find, but also much more pleasurable. So do whatever you need to get the love juices flowing, be it porn, stroking, massage, or anything else. Fingers are the go to tool for many men wanting to stimulate their prostate. The prostate gland is located around two to four inches inside the anus. For most men this will mean they need to insert their finger around two joints inside to reach their prostate. For some men it can be further up, so more of a finger is needed.

To know whether or not you can reach far enough, a good technique is to start by putting your finger just inside your anus. Place a small amount of pressure on the front wall of the anus the side towards your belly. You keep moving up and pressuring until you find your prostate.

You should be able to tell when you do, as you should feel a sudden urge to urinate. If you are able to find it and reach it effectively, great! If not, head on down to the prostate massagers section and see what other options are available to you. Stick with me here. When you use any part of your body for an extended period of time, what is the feeling you end up with? The same is true for your fingers. In some men it can take several hours to reach a successful prostate orgasm, so using your fingers for that length of time can be quite difficult.

Keeping your finger in, and staying comfortable gives you a small amount of space to work with, and depending on the angle you need to use to reach your prostate, it might not be feasible to effectively massage the area. This whole to-do with finding your prostate can be a bit of a turn off sometimes, so it may be worth spending some time on a seperate day exploring the area and identifying the right places to touch. On another day, armed with your new knowledge get yourself prepared and aroused and start your session proper.

Where something cannot be done, man will find a way. This is never truer than with prostate massage. Even in an area that has been surrounded by taboo and controversy over the years , those that were keen to explore have been able to find their own methods for stimulating their prostate where their fingers have failed.

These methods take the form of prostate massagers. Essentially a butt plug , but with a curve or angle, prostate massagers are specifically designed tools aimed at aiding you hit the orgasm you want. If you choose to use a prostate massager over your fingers, you have a few added bonuses. The first is just a whole range of extra movement. You can hold onto the plug by the base, and angle it any way you want. Any time you feel your arms beginning to tire or ache, you can take a break and let them rest.

The clenching and releasing actions of an effective Kegel will move the plug up and down your prostate in a stroking action. Your other bonus is vibration! A vibrating plug can really change what you experience while prostate massaging, allowing you to fully let go and relax into the feelings without needing to touch anything. I promise!

The final area of prep to cover is lube. Without lube, any attempts at prostate massage will feel like rubbing your insides along sandpaper. To put it another way, unpleasant and painful. Both silicone-based lubes and oil-based lubes are much longer lasting than water-based lubes. While the latter is totally acceptable for anal play, you will have to reapply it more often during a longer session. Silicone-based lubes should be approached with caution, as using them on a silicone toy can break down the surface material, and contaminate your anus and rectum.

Oil-based lubes are the clear favorite here, and there are many kinds to choose from. Due to the length of time you may need to be inside yourself, having a high quality lube is key. The longer it lasts the better! Whatever you think is enough, double it.

You need to make sure it gets everywhere, so really baste yourself in it. The most important part is to get it up and inside your anus. This part is where a lot of people will fall short with anal play.

If you find yourself having trouble with this, look into picking up a lube syringe.

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